Why You Need to Think About Mobile Now

If you’re looking for a few reasons to get into the mobile space, check out the following article on Mobile Marketing Watch from Kevin McGuire over at Motricity. These guys should definitely look into MobileSpringer.

Kevin lays out 5 reasons why every brand needs to think about mobile first. I found the most interesting reasons to be that more than 300 million people in the U.S. have a mobile phone. That’s staggering when there is only 312 million people in the U.S. total. Also, because mobile ads can be personalized, the click through rates are much higher, something we’ve pointed out in the past.

If you’re interested in hearing Kevin’s other reasons, you can visit here.

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Mobile Click-Through Rates Beat Out Traditional Browsers

A recent look at mobile and traditional browser click-through rates (CTR) by MediaMind showed that mobile appears to be getting more action. Specifics show that of 230 million impressions for one company, mobile CTR was .61%, while traditional was .07%. The reasoning, outside of accidental clicks , may be a new fascination with banner ads within mobile for users, which could be a connection of visually appealing graphics and animations.

Read more at Marketing Pilgrim.

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The New Mobile Website Tool for Businesses

Having a website that works properly on a mobile device is a huge advantage for businesses. With more than 6% of website visits occurring from a mobile device (and that’s supposed to increase drastically), it’s almost a necessity to be able to deliver what consumers need on a smaller screen.

Most often, the website will appear on mobile, but be small and make the consumer pinch and zoom to find information. As someone who accesses a lot of websites from a mobile browser, that is a time suck and frustrating. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

In addition, you have a lot of businesses buying mobile optimized websites. These are websites that are specially built, similar to a traditional website, but formatted to fit the small screens of a mobile device. This is great for the consumer, but there are a few issues it holds for the business. First, it can be expensive. Getting a mobile optimized site that has all the right branding and messaging can cost upwards of $10,000. Using a cheaper service that might cost $20 a month means limited flexibility and a static “cheap” feel, which no business wants.

For all these reasons, we created MobileSpringer, a mobile marketing tool that allows businesses to deliver the most important website information to their mobile visitors instantly and with flexibility.

Imagine a visitor types in your traditional website URL into a browser on their mobile device and instantly they can choose from information that will result in more leads and sales. The type of information we are talking about includes phone numbers, emails, directions and even promotions or offers. By delivering this info, the business greatly increases the opportunity to have a client call them or visit their physical location to make a purchase, inquire for more info or refer a friend.

We are in private beta currently, but if you’re interested in requesting an invite, please fill out the needed information here. We will follow up shortly.

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Mobile Springer Private Beta

… 3PRIME Launches Mobile Springer Private Beta

Read more at 3-PRIME.com

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